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Cloud Printing

Google Cloud Print makes it possible to send any document or image to a printer from any location. For example, if you wanted to print out a letter at home while at work, you could use the service to send that letter to your home printer and have it waiting for you when you get back. Normally this kind of setup requires a tedious network configuration, but with Google Cloud Print you just click a few buttons and you're done.

You share three types of information with Google when you use Google Cloud Print:

1. Google keeps details about the print job (the job title, the printer you sent it to, printer status) as a record, along with your Google Account ID. This is used to process your print jobs.

2. A copy of each document you send for printing is also kept until the print job is complete. This allows us to make sure your document gets printed. After the job is complete, the document is deleted from its servers.

Google servers also keep logs of the requests made by all Google Cloud Print users. These are routine server logs and do not contain any personal details. You can read more about how Google treats server log data.

Google CLoud Printing

Any document you send for printing is kept strictly confidential. Google does not access the documents you print for any purpose other than to improve printing. To setup your cloud solutions call us today.

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